Aurora definitely gives more control and better performance than plain RDS anyday. Especially, you can get many insights about aurora performance in cloudwatch itself which will alert you to potential DB issues. Only thing to watch out is costs - look for "high-watermark" billing.

As a developer, the onus of delivering a functional, working code is always there on you. Whether you were there in the sprint planning meeting or you got the requirement specs over email in 2 sentences (“I need the login to support social auth. Should support ActiveDirectory too”), the moment you commit your code and say “Done”, do you realize there is lot more to it ?

There is a large population of developers who deliver the requested functionality as-is to the Reviewers(Reviewers may include peer-review, Manager or the QA team), and leave the tough job of thrashing the finer…

If you are already not aware of who Rana Kapoor is or what is it all about YES Bank Saga, then read about it. TL;DR is — Rana Kapoor is an Indian banker who setup YES bank and somewhere lost his moral compass that undid his creation and the bank was put under restrictions by RBI, the regulator of Indian banking.

What were all the traits that undid Rana Kapoor, and how can you do a self-check if you too are not a Rana Kapoor in the making ?

  1. KNOW YOUR NORTH STAR: Rana was forthcoming in providing loans to…

There were desktop systems. Then there were developers. Then there were big, distributed systems. These systems had many moving parts and they kept on behaving as per their whims. Then there was NOC, the team that monitored production alerts. Soon, some good people (Ben Treynor and others) sitting in Google had a thought that the workflow for all production related incidents, and the methodology for managing incidents, and the approach for designing scalable architectures was actually the same almost everywhere, wherever the scale of operations and traffic was large. …

Ashutosh Kumar

Reliance Jio

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